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  • An aspiring computer scientist with interests in computer architecture, networking, security, deep learning, and natural language processing.
  • I am looking for opportunities to apply and further develop my skills in computer science, be it through internships or assisting in research. If you are interested in working with me, or discussing professional opportunities, feel free to email or use the contact form at the end of this page.
  • If you'd like to get to know me personally, I encourage you to add me on Facebook (with a note, please), or use any of the other means of contact I've mentioned here. Life is too short for passersby to not shake hands, or even start a companionship hand in hand ❤️.
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Salesforce Software Engineer Intern · June 2019 - Aug 2019

University of Illinois Computer Science CS 241 Course Assistant (System Programming) · January 2019 - Present

  • Conducted office hours, helping students reason about programs leveraging the C standard library and Linux system calls.
  • Lead a lab section, helping students understand more about components of an operating system, its various functions, and specifically its internal representation, through programming assignments taking full advantage of operating system support.
  • Work on course infrastructure, and assignment development.

University of Illinois Computer Science CS 233 Course Assistant (Computer Architecture) · August 2018 - December 2018

  • Conduct office hours for current students, helping answer course-related questions, as well as guide them through debugging code written in Verilog, MIPS Assembly, and C for lab assignments.
  • Lead a problem-solving discussion / recitation section along with a graduate teaching assistant (TA), helping students reinforce their understanding of the material.

Virtusa Software Engineering Intern · July 2018 - August 2018

  • Applied data science and data warehousing techniques to power an upcoming video-on-demand product. Implemented a data lake to build a serverless app to model, process and aggregate computer vision data for predictive analytics, using cloud computing infrastructure such as AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3, DynamoDB, API Gateway, and SageMaker
  • Trained NLP generative models such as Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA), and Neural Topic Model (NTM) to gain insights on social media reactions to popular films and TV shows, and performed sentiment analysis on user reviews, to create a reference implementation for a business intelligence (BI) tool

HackIllinois Systems Staff · April 2018 - Februrary 2019

HackIllinois is a premier intercollegiate hackathon with an emphasis on the open-source development model. I was a member of Systems staff, which provides end-to-end support for the entire event, from registration, to decision-making, to logistics. As part of the team, I built internal tools and the back-end API, consisting of Go microservices.

Here are a few of my contributions:

  • Added sign in with LinkedIn using OAuth 2.0
  • Added feature to send scheduled emails to participants, based on their admissions decision, using concurrency features built-in to Go (channels and goroutines)
  • Worked with JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to secure API use through role management / permissions system
  • Added multi-tier decision review functionality, that tracks the history of decisions made on potential participants
  • Integrated mail service with other services through confirmation emails, incorporating templatized substitutions
  • Used MkDocs, a Markdown documentation generator to create a dedicated documentation website for API consumers, that is continously depolyed through Travis CI, and Amazon CodePipeline (along with the rest of the API).

Reflections | Projections Lead Web Developer · January 2018 - September 2018

  • Used modern web development tools such as NPM, Webpack, Bootstrap and React to create the official website for Reflections | Projections, a large technology conference hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Integrated the above API to facilitate online registration which drew in over 2,200 attendees.

Ashwini Charitable Trust
Web Development Volunteer · April 2016 - May 2016


These are personal projects I've undertaken, and organizations/events I've contributed to. Most are open-source, and can be found on my GitHub.

A public photo-sharing Android app featuring location-tagging, for neighbourhoods.

Software stack: For website: Java, Firebase, Android API

A learning management system implemented as a web application and companion Android app. NPSConnect features audio summaries of high school textbooks and online homework and assignment management. It facilitates student-teacher interaction in the form of virtual "office hours" through the use of an IRC plugin.

Software stack: For website: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) For Android app: Java, XML, Google Drive REST API

A web app that provides real time government crop procurement prices and weather information to rural Indian farmers, via SMS, through web scraping. As a result, this eliminates middlemen from the process and enables farmers to be fairly compensated for their produce. Note: The app was not brought into the market.

Software stack: Java ServerPages, Python, MySQL, Apache

A taxicab aggregator in Node.js using the Cheerio web scraping module. It compares cab fares, online reviews (found by scraping websites), as well as the area serviced by each operator, and finally suggests a service for the user. There were plans to integrate booking cabs directly, however, due to lack of OAuth support on major taxicab company websites, we were not able to authenticate users.

Software stack: Node.js, MySQL, Google Maps REST API

Developed and designed an online appointment scheduling system, and cardiac risk factor and physician onboarding survey forms for a pilot tele-ECG screening program, at HeartnetIndia.

Software stack: Node.js, Express+Multer, AJAX, HTML, CSS


I am deeply passionate about music, both listening to and playing. Although I frequently explore new styles, my go-to genres are Western art music, rock, tropical house, and big room house. I have been playing the piano for several years and have tried my hand at music production. Enjoy listening to some of my early efforts at digital music composition.


Location Urbana, IL • USA
Mobile +1 (217) 819-8119
Email pradyumna[dot]shome[at]gmail[dot]com

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