Pradyumna Shome

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

College of Engineering

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Class of 2021


An aspiring computer scientist with interests in software development, game programming, machine learning, natural language processing, combinatorics, graph theory, information security, and algorithms theory.

I have experience working in Java, Python, C, C++, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Android application development. I am open to summer internship and research opportunities relating to software development, data science, artificial intelligence, and cyber security.



I am deeply passionate about music. Although I frequently explore new styles, my go-to genres are Western art music, rock, tropical house, and big room house. I have been playing the piano for several years and have tried my hand at music production. Enjoy listening to some of my early efforts at digital music composition.


Email Address: pradyumna [dot] shome [at] gmail [dot] com


NPSConnect: Your Study Assistant

A learning management system implemented as a web application and companion Android app. NPSConnect features audio summaries of high school textbooks and online homework and assignment management. It facilitates student-teacher interaction in the form of virtual "office hours" through the use of an IRC plugin. Software stack: For website: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) For Android app: Java, XML, Google Drive REST API

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The Farmer's Market

This project qualified for the CBSE National Science Exhibition held in 2015. It is a web application that provides real time government crop procurement prices and weather information to rural Indian farmers, via SMS, through web scraping. As a result, this eliminates middlemen from the process and enables farmers to get fair compensation for their produce. Note: The app was not brought into the market. Software stack: Java ServerPages, Python, MySQL, Apache

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For NPSK Hack, an inter-school hackathon. Our team developed a taxicab aggregator in Node.js using the Cheerio web scraping module. It compares cab fares, online reviews (found by scraping websites), as well as the area serviced by each operator, and finally suggests a service for the user. There were plans to integrate booking cabs directly, however, due to lack of OAuth support on major taxicab company websites, we were not able to authenticate users. Software stack: Node.js, MySQL, Google Maps REST API

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Developed and designed an online appointment scheduling system, as well as cardiac risk factor and physician onboarding survey forms for a pilot tele-ECG screening program, at HeartnetIndia.
Software stack: Node.js, Express+Multer, AJAX, HTML, CSS.

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A public photo-sharing Android app featuring location-tagging, for neighbourhoods.

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